Project funding

Project co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development, Poland, under Applied Research Programme.


The implementing agency of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, in charge of performance of tasks within the area of national science, science and technology and innovation policies.


A programme aimed at supporting the science and industry sectors within the scope of applied research, implemented on the basis of competitions for co-financing of applied research projects.

Project objectives

Title of the project: "System for milling mineral materials in electromagnetic mill, including control system, providing high technological efficiency and low energy consumption in micro- and macroindustrial applications"

The project aims at design and implementation of a milling circuit with electromagnetic mill and its control system. Compared to traditional solutions, the system will provide lower energy consumption and higher technological efficiency thanks to the possibility of shaping the product granularity. Within the scope of the project devices are developed that dose the feed material and grinding media, and classify the particles for the purpose of operation in the recycle mode. The installation is equipped with a measurement and control system with prototype subsystems for assessment of milling quality and operating condition of the mill. Direct control of the milling circuit performed by industrial controllers will be supported by optimization algorithms, running in the supervisory SCADA system. During the project, the installation will be examined and tested in industrial conditions in the context of different technologies and diverse needs of potential customers. Even before the project started, the Consortium received seven letters of intent from various branches of industry, which confirmed the attractiveness of the proposed solution to their production processes, offered support with realization of the project and declared deployment of the system. To learn more, please visit the page "About the project".

The project is realized by a four-subject Consortium composed of:

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